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21st-Jul-2009 06:37 pm

$22 dollars
Originally uploaded by Lolita_Chaiki
So... There are 2 more days till meh birfday. And Im super excited. Today, I woke up at like... 1230 and Im still tired. -.- lol. Today has been rather boring. I tried to learn a para para dance today. xD I really want that game. Its looks so much fun x'3. I have also been looking at lolita dresses like always. >.>"
Nykki told me last night that he would get me a lolita dress, since Patrick cant... but.... I dont want him to buy me one. I feel bad. i felt bad even thinking that patrick would get me one. =/ I dont like anyone getting me anything more that $5 >.> I dont think I deserve anything...
And although I -really- want a lolita dress... I dont think I'm meant to get one... Its just another thing to put on my list of impossible things to be/get.
The picture that Im showing you guys is one of the pictures of one lolita dress that is -REALLY- cheap that I want. Its so pretty. My mom thinks its ugly. And that it would only be cute on little kids. She thinks im to old for this stuff... which isnt surprising. she doesnt like anything I like.... I wish she did though.... I've read so many other girls mothers say how much they loved lolita style and how conservative it is, and stuff. But to her, its childish...Everything I love she thinks is childish... *sigh*
But although she thinks its childish she said that I can buy it. -Shes- not going to buy it. -I- have to buy it... But... I dont think I'll be able to buy it.... For some reason. I just keep picturing myself as a house wife type person... Be like my Aunt and work on a farm. She only ever had a couple real jobs. I would love to be like that. I'd be happy.... And although I would be able to buy things. I could be comfortable with the things I have. As long as I had the internet. Id be happy cause you always have everything on the internet ^^". Plus you can window shop from it. lol. xD.
Oh! I forgot. I made myself a phone charm. Its so pretty =]. and I had a care bear on it but I took it off so my dad didnt ask me questions. Ill put it back on later >.>
Anyway, Thats about it. So I guess Ill ttyl. Byes Minna! *waves* =3
26th-Jul-2009 11:30 am (UTC)
It's late, but happy birthday!
26th-Jul-2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! =DD <33
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