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Hey Again. 
3rd-Aug-2009 01:03 pm
So its been a while since I last made a post.
I havent have much to say until now...
Well I have finally gotten a job. Its at wally world xD [walmart] and I start tomorrow at 8 AM. I only work in the mornings for the first week then I start working at 10 Pm to 7 AM after that. Im excited but nervous at the same time. 
I will finally be able to buy my lolita outfits. x'3 YAY! I've already picked out my first 6 outfits haha xD. But besides the lolita outfits I have to save money to buy stuff for an apartment and such. I also, still have to get my permit -.- bleh. Im still not wanting that but I know I need it. v.v 
And I also have to pay for my phone bill. sooooo thats gonna be tons of fun >.>
and I also have to leave room for the bills that I will have to be paying when I do get an apartment >.<" 
and Car insurance and such. bleeeeeeeh. I just remember those bills. CRAAAAAAAP >.< nyaaa Dx
...*sigh* oh well. T.T
Also, I miss Nykki like crazy right now. I said something to him that I regret now.... I told him he lied... and now hes sad... and I think hes mad at me... Idk ... I wish he would talk to me but he doesnt want too.... *sigh* I ruin everything... He says I make him happy but How can I make him happy when he doesnt want to talk to me?? 
Im a horrible girlfriend... I know I am. I wish I could be a better one I just dont know how to be. =/ 
Obviously I cant be myself cause if I do... I wont make him happy... *sigh* I hate myself. It really sucks being the way I am... I wish I could change to where I could be perfect... So that he would be happy with me and I wouldnt make him sad. 
I guess thats all though...
I guess Im going to go now. 
6th-Aug-2009 08:55 pm (UTC)
I used to work at WallyWorld, but I left to work at a movie store. I miss the staff but I don't miss management at all. I wish you luck!
Paying bills isn't fun :(
It may be rude to say this, I think lying is one of the worst things you can do to someone.
7th-Aug-2009 03:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah Ive met my manager. Hes kind of scary when you first meet him since hes so talk and bulky xD. but hes attitude seems pretty nice. =] They warned me about the vice manager or w/e saying that she is very ... um... how do i put this... says whatever she feels like saying? If she thinks you suck at your job then she will tell you xD. I havent met her yet though >.<
Thank you!
Yaaa. Bills suck haha xD.
*shakes my head* no its not rude at all. I hate it too. and I dont really think Nykki Meant to lie to me... but it really made me sad that he said he would be home and then didnt come home that night. He hates lying to so in the end he got depressed for doing it too and he didnt want to talk to me after words because he was depressed and wanted sometime alone to think. [he also might go into the navy which i -really- dont want him to do. and he wanted to think about what he should really do if he cant find a job soon.]
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