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Ah, Friday. 
7th-Aug-2009 12:43 pm
So its finally Friday. Woot!
I have to work from 2 PM to 11 PM today. >.<
You know what doesnt make sense is that the people at walmart saying im working part time but i work 10 hours for four days [once i start working normally it will be 10 PM to 7 AM] but 40 hours is full time isnt it?? O.< I'm so confused on this. but I'm not complain. I love working four days a week xD and at night. I just -hate- waking up in the mornings so early. So this is a good job for me. =]
Tomorrow Ill be seeing Nykki. I might even spend the night at hoshi's. idk yet. Its all up to my friend Hoshi. Her anniversary is tomorrow so who knows. 
I also need to start studying for my permit test again unfortunately. v.v
Not fun. Defintely Not fun. 
I get paid on the week after next. Im pretty excited. x'3 
My dad told me since he has to take me to work all the time that I have to pay for his gas. Which is kind of messed up since its only like 5 minutes away. 
There was other things I was going to say but I forgot them. Haha. Me and my terrible memory >.<... Oh wells. If I remember I will be sure to write it down. =P
I guess I will go and get ready now since its about an hours till I have to go to work. Ill talk to you guys later. 
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